Golden and District Search and Rescue

About Us

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The Golden and District Search and Rescue Association of British Columbia (GADSAR) is a registered non-profit organization based out of the town of Golden, British Columbia. Operating under guidelines set out by Emergency Management BC (EMBC), GADSAR’s primary role is that of a community resource to assist the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a variety of search, rescue and disaster functions and that in assisting BCAS with backcountry medical rescue and technical assistance when required. 

GADSAR has been committed to providing Golden and surrounding areas with search and rescue services since 1965. GADSAR is currently responsible for providing the services of: mountain rescue, avalanche rescue, ice rescue, technical rope rescue, swift water rescue, backcountry medical rescue, HETS rescue and missing person searches. Our organization is operated by a group of dedicated community volunteers who are committed to maintaining coverage for all of these rescue services on a 24-hour/day basis


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